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Emoble.es was born 10 years ago It was 2011 when we decided to set up an online store dedicated exclusively to the sale of radiator covers.

When we started 10 years ago, we had nothing more than an idea that might or might not work, and a lot of enthusiasm and desire.

The idea from the beginning was clear, to sell radically beautiful designer radiator covers, to make an insubstantial piece of furniture without any kind of functionality stop being perceived in this way and could be not only decorative, but also a backbone of the aesthetics of the room in which it was located.

Results of the website and online store of radiator covers after 10 years in Spain

10 years ago Emoble was born, and in these 10 years we have sold more than 3,000 radiator covers in all parts of Spain.

None of the hundreds of radiator covers that we have sold was the same as the previous one, because we have manufactured each radiator cover to the taste of our customers. We didn’t have a factory to make what we wanted to make, so at first, making a radiator cover was a real odyssey.

It did not help us to offer white melamine radiator covers, we wanted to offer quality products, so we opted to manufacture in high-density MDF, lacquer each piece of furniture in any of the 210 colors from the RAL range or the customer could decide to make the furniture in 10 different types of wood.

Each one of these options was a logistical challenge, the DM in one place, the lacquer in another, the plywood in another, the edging in another, a true madness was to manufacture each piece of furniture.
We found the solution when a Valencian businessman decided to get excited about us and open a factory, a furniture factory, but not just any type of furniture, only radiator covers.

This is how Mobleku was born, a company dedicated to manufacturing custom-made radiator covers, which is the one that supplies us with the products that we sell in our online store. Throughout these 10 years of history, many of our clients have repeated, some immediately after receiving the first radiator cover, others even after years have remembered Emoble and have made a purchase with us again. It is an immense joy when an old client calls us again to tell us that she wants another custom-made radiator cover because she likes the one she has, or the ones she has. It is an immense joy when an old client calls us again to tell us that she wants another custom-made radiator cover because she likes the one she has, or the ones she has.

Our designer radiator covers are already part of the lives of hundreds of families throughout Spain, they are in schools, nursing homes, public buildings, academies, shops, offices and at home, especially in houses where They didn’t want to see the ugly radiators and decided to cover them up with a nice custom made modern radiator cover.

Customers with radiator covers in Spain purchased online and tailored

Emoble cubreradiadores
Tienda de cubreradiadores

After so many years of work, so many hundreds of clients satisfied with our work, we have decided that the time has come to change the direction of Emoble, it has been 10 years since we have changed our website, but during the next month of August, Coinciding with our anniversary as a brand, Emoble is going to completely change its aesthetics and the functionality of its web structure, not only being more aesthetically attractive, but also being more useful.

In addition, in all this time, many clients of Emoble have asked us for things that were not radiator covers, but were in orbit, so we have made hundreds of cover lights, precious furniture to cover the ugly electricity meters. On the new Emoble website, we are going to offer a selection of custom auxiliary furniture such as shoe racks, shelves, light covers, shelves and consoles, which will come to consolidate our position in the custom furniture market.

Future in the sector of auxiliary furniture and radiator covers in Spain with a new website

Emoble is already after 10 years a reference brand as far as radiator covers are concerned, from those few radiator covers at the beginning we have gone on to be able to support an entire factory dedicated to making radiator covers, but we do not forget the spirit of the beginning, we continue to attend to each client and each client as if there were no other, grateful for their trust in our company, aware of the responsibility involved, because we feel that way, entering the intimacy of a home and transforming it aesthetically with a piece of furniture that may remain in that place longer than the inhabitants themselves.

At Emoble we are going to continue doing what we know how to do with the same enthusiasm and the same impetus as 10 years ago. We know that custom radiator covers are a demanded product and that what we do, our custom design radiator covers, have no competition in the market. We sell quality radiator covers and now, we are also going to sell bespoke auxiliary furniture of the same quality as our radiator covers. With the vertigo typical of a change as big as the one we face next August, we thank all our clients for the trust placed in Emoble during this decade and we promise to continue striving for another decade, custom-building whatever is requested of us. .

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