How much does an Emoble radiator cover cost?

Why are there no prices on the page?

As you will see our prices are not published, the reason is very simple; We make custom furniture. In order to set the prices, a very complex software would be required to calculate the price of each radiator cover based on the measurement, since we do not have prices in general for each design, but rather we adjust them as much as possible to be able to offer the best prices to our clients.

How much does an Emoble radiator cover cost?

It depends on some things; like the model, the measurements or the finish, but to give you an idea, between 250 and 500 euros.

There are simpler and therefore cheaper models such as the Tetra or the Lucern that in small sizes can cost less than 300 euros. Models like the Eline or the Lineo will cost just over 300 euros. And the classic models that take much more work and detail, as well as more expensive materials, will cost from 400 euros. The shelves and showcases will not come out for less than 800 euros.

We always give prices with VAT and shipping included.

We always give the prices with the We are not cheap, we make good and durable furniture, made to measure and in Spain, so with your purchase, you are promoting employment and the sustainability of the Spanish industry. VAT and postage included.

We use the best quality materials from suppliers close to our facilities, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. We treat all our waste with specialized companies. Our employees work with healthy conditions and salaries appropriate to their abilities and responsibilities according to their specialization. Our facilities are adapted to current regulations on occupational safety and everything that marks the industry.

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