Radiator cover finish chart

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See and touch the finishes of your radiator cover

EMOBLE has created a very extensive menu of finishes, based on current consumer trends and tastes. Depending on the model you choose, they are made in different finishes and materials. They are specified in the technical sheet of each model.

If it is not enough for you to be able to see our finishes on the web, we offer you to be able to see them and play them live. To do this, you simply have to request our finishing letter and we will send it to the address you want within 48 hours.

Request your letter of finishes for your radiator cover by filling out the form

The list of finishes is priced at €12 VAT and postage included, payment on delivery. But EMOBLE will pay you €6 if you place the order. You will be credited the €6 on the first order. If you want, you can request it.

Finish chart

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