Do radiator covers remove heat?

Do radiator covers remove heat?

It is a recurring question among those who are thinking of putting a radiator cover on their homes. It is normal to ask yourself, and worry about it, because if we put a decorative element at home; As it is a radiator cover, the last thing we want is for the calorific power radiated by the radiator to be lost.

The answer to the question of whether or not radiator covers remove heat is that they do not, not at all.

Radiator covers do not remove heat.

In the same way that the metal from which the radiator is made transmits the heat that emanates from the hot water inside, our radiator covers, made of a material called DM, also transmit it. The heat that comes out of the radiator goes through the DM, it doesn’t stay inside the structure. This material that we use is suitable precisely for this function.

Eleven years ago, when we began to manufacture our designer radiator covers at Emoble, we conducted a study at the Polytechnic Center of Valencia, with one of our first radiator cover models, to scientifically verify that, in effect, our furniture did not affect anything the heat output.

The conclusions of the study were clear and forceful, a radiator cover does not remove any heat from the room, it simply delays the general heating of the room a little, in the same way that it delays its cooling when the heating is turned off. This is due to the fact that the heat briefly accumulates within the gap that the radiator cover structure has before passing through it, for this reason there is a delay of a few minutes in the heating of the room and when the heating is turned off, the heat accumulated inside, until that is released, delays the cooling of the room. For this reason we can scientifically affirm that radiator covers do not remove heat.

Scientifically proven that radiator covers do not remove heat.

At Emoble, we know that this issue concerns our potential customers, for this reason, although we have been able to demonstrate it with a serious scientific study, we have developed more open and less open radiator cover models for those people who, despite everything, want their furniture is covered, but not completely.

We have models such as the Sella, the Eline, which is our best seller, or the Dual, which is more classic, which are pieces of furniture covered on all sides, with heat escaping through the slits that are made in its high-density MDF structure.

On the other hand, we have models such as the Lucern and the Tetra that do not have sides and the separation between the slats is much greater, so that those customers who are concerned about heat output have less concern about this issue.

Throughout these 11 years of life, at Emoble we have sold close to 10,000 radiator covers, especially in Spain, but also in France, England, Italy, Germany and the United States, there has never been the case that a customer , you had to remove your radiator cover because you notice that your room does not get hot enough due to the radiator cover.

Thousands of customers can’t be wrong.

On the other hand, in our google and trustpilot profiles, hundreds of positive comments and evaluations support the reality reported here, that Emoble radiator covers do not harm heat output at all.

With our radiator covers, with a modern design, you will achieve a pleasant stay, with improved aesthetics and, of course, without losing an iota of the heat radiated by the radiators.

Among the more than 30 models, from our four collections of radiator covers, you will surely find the radiator cover model that best suits the aesthetics of your home, do not hesitate to contact us, we will respond to your request for information or a quote, within of the same day.

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