Radiator Covers


Radiator Covers


This style of furniture covers radiators is part of our lives. A way of thinking, seeing and living. That is why at Emoble we have developed a collection of modern radiator cover furniture with this very Mediterranean style. A style created under the joy of our people, the sea breeze and the sunny sky. An alternative, urban, cosmopolitan and at the same time natural style. Do you want authenticity?


The Tetra model radiator cover is a perfect grid that suggests order and balance, very suitable for incorporating it into spaces that stand out for their modern timeless aesthetics.


The Lucern model radiator cover looks good and our customers like it so much, due to its simple proportionality between the three horizontal shelves. A discreet and elegant solution that also has the option of adding sides.


The Cubystic radiator cover literally floats on the wall, providing a refined lightness that embellishes spaces, with an elegant and avant-garde design.


The Eray radiator cover, with its expansive concentric rays, brings a touch of modernity and daring to spaces, without excesses and with elegance.


The Cálido radiator cover, with its soft undulations, transmits an atmosphere of warm harmony and tranquility. A model that completes the decoration of the space and doubles as a beautiful console.


The Converxion model radiator cover is a design that suggests paths that widen and lead to other destinations. An avant-garde aesthetic for decorations that seek to capture attention in a piece with a marked personality.


The Sunrise radiator cover design suggests the rays of the dawn sun reflecting off the water. Its presence and uniqueness make it work as an auxiliary piece of furniture in narrow spaces, such as corridors and stair landings.


The Hybrida radiator cover suggests organic shapes, in an interpretation that fits in environments that are committed to modern and daring lines, with personality and somewhat groundbreaking.


The Beniparrell radiator cover is the effective solution for radiators, heating or air conditioning systems whose machinery is located on the ground. Its sober and refined lines lighten the visual load of these installations, with efficiency and beauty.

Lucern con laterales

The Lucern model with sides is the radiator cover for those locations where it is necessary to cover one or both sides, with a piece of furniture with a light and modern aesthetic, which adapts well to almost all styles of decoration.

Tetra con cajones

The Tetra radiator cover is one of our best-selling pieces of furniture. We have developed the model with drawers to respond to market demand that asked us to combine its lightness and original modernity, with the functionality of the storage space.

Lucern con cajones

The success of the Lucern radiator cover led us to create the design with drawers, combining the modern and simple aesthetics of the three horizontal skirts, with the functionality of the storage space.