How to buy on Emoble

An easy and reliable purchase process.
The clearer, the more satisfaction

Below we explain the steps to follow to purchase a radiator cover at Emoble. It is very easy, in just a few steps you will have your radiator cover at home.

1. Choose the collection of radiator covers that you like the most

In each collection you have different models to choose from.

2. Select in the model you like

Where you can see details to know all the technical characteristics of the chosen radiator cover. (finishes, measurements, etc..). You can also see more photos of the model, with different finishes and details.

3. Click on request a quote

When you have decided on the model you want, and follow the steps that we indicate to request a quote.

4. We send you a confirmation email

So you know that our technicians are reviewing and preparing your budget.

5. We send you the budget

Within a maximum period of 12 hours from your request, in which it will be detailed, budget number, measurements, finishes, price, photo of the chosen model, payment method and general conditions

6. To confirm the quote if it is correct and make order

You just have to click on the link in the email that we have sent you the budget and follow the steps that we indicate on the web to place the order.

7. Then you will receive another email of your order

So that you check again that everything is correct and you can make the first payment in accordance with the order, so that we can put your radiator cover into production.
From that moment, we will keep you informed of when it will be manufactured and when your order will be delivered.We understand that with this purchase process, it is impossible for there to be any error in the purchase of a custom-made radiator cover. Both for you and us, we double check all the characteristics of the radiator cover you want to buy, (in the budget, and the order confirmation). Therefore, it is one of the things that differentiates us from the rest of another company to make the purchase. We take care and are in close contact with our client, until the delivery of your furniture.