Frequently asked questions about radiator covers

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On this page you will find useful information about Emoble and the purchase process. We try to answer all the doubts or questions that you may have while browsing and buying on our page, always with the intention that you have a positive shopping experience and that there is no doubt about anything.

If there is any question that is not resolved or in which you still have doubts, call us at 961 698 254 and we will gladly assist you.

What guarantees does EMOBLE give me in the purchase and the product?

Are you still wary of making purchases online? We invite you to visit our factory facilities, where we can show you the product in our showroom, where you can see it with the same qualities that we present it in our online store, but we believe that you can order from your computer. Emoble makes it easy for you.

For any other questions that are not on this page, do not hesitate to send us your query by filling out the form on our contact page. If you prefer, you can also call us at the number 961 698 254, where we will be happy to assist you.

What form of payment can I use to make my purchase of the radiator cover?

We wanted to create a single, simple and fair payment method for both parties.

When confirming the order, you have to make a payment of 60% of the total order. You can make this payment by:

Payment by transfer or deposit account.

As it is a custom-made and exclusive piece of furniture, we are forced to charge an amount on account for its production.

The remaining 40% of the total order, you will pay cash on delivery to the transport agency, when you receive the order at your address.

Once we have confirmed the payment of the first 60%, we will send you an email notifying you, so that you can review the order, and if you want you can cancel it and we will refund the money or change any measure. Once 24 hours have passed from the notification of payment, the order cannot be canceled or changed, since it is already being manufactured and is custom-made and exclusively for you.

Do I have to register to be able to place an order?

No. Registration is not required to place an order. To confirm your order, we will ask you for the necessary information to send you your radiator covers and to be able to invoice them. We will never give, sell or rent your data. And of course we will not bother you with emails that do not interest you.

Does the radiator cover reduce heating efficiency and can it deteriorate?

At Emoble we have carried out studies on the performance of a radiator when a radiator cover is placed on it, and the results obtained tell us that the ambient temperature of the room is the same, with and without the radiator cover. In some of the models it was found that a maximum of 2% was reduced, being an insignificant value, in exchange for what it contributes aesthetically.

In any of the models in our collections, the air circulates both from above and below and from the front, allowing air to escape into the room.

All our lives there have been radiator covers in houses and the well-being of the homes has been the same as in another home without radiator covers, but providing a decorative aesthetic.

Another of the studies carried out is whether the heat from the radiator has any repercussions on the furniture.

The temperature of a radiator next to the furniture is 3 to 5 degrees higher than the rest of the room, with an average temperature of between 20 and 25 degrees. The tests carried out on our radiator covers have been at a temperature of 40 degrees and the results have been positive, not altering any of the materials such as glue, wood, sheet metal, polish, etc. of those we use in the manufacture of our radiator covers.

What are the advantages of buying a radiator cover at and why does it have such competitive prices?

In the first place, Emoble is a specialized manufacturer of radiator covers, and as a specialized manufacturer, what we achieve is to be at the forefront of technology, finishes, designs and quality control and with a specialized treatment of the radiator cover.

On the other hand, what it means to buy from the manufacturer is to offer a direct relationship with the consumer. From this was born the creation of an online store based fundamentally on e-commerce infrastructure, which represents significant cost savings and, therefore, allows us to offer a quality and tailored product at a more competitive price.

Is it custom-made furniture or is it standard measurements?

With Emoble there are no limits. All our models of any collection are manufactured to the necessary measure of each radiator and for each client.

Depending on the measurements of your radiator, the radiator cover cabinet will have height, width and depth measurements, with the corresponding minimum clearances between the cabinet and the radiator.

Does the price of the radiator cover include VAT and shipping costs?

With Emoble we want things to be clear. All our prices have the current VAT included, transport to the delivery address in Spain is also included. All our furniture is served fully assembled.

The only additional cost of the price of all our radiator covers is the installation, which is optional, if you want we will leave it installed for you, at a cost of €45 per radiator. At the time of placing the order you decide to hire the installation.

In the budget we indicate everything in detail.

We remind you that installing a radiator cover is as simple as hanging a picture. See installation of a radiator cover

In destinations outside the peninsula and the Balearic Islands: Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, please contact us before placing an order, in this case if you have shipping costs. We will indicate the shipping costs, which will depend on the size of the radiator cover.

Sales to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are not subject to VAT, however the customs system will apply the corresponding tax charges.

In no case can we determine the amount of taxes to be paid by the customer upon receiving his order, since it depends on local customs.

Can you make the purchase of the radiator cover by phone?

Buying through the website is the simplest and fastest method, it also allows you to place your order from any place and time.
In addition, EMOBLE has a large commercial department that can answer any questions related to our radiator covers as well as help you make your request for a quote and subsequently place the order. Seeradiator cover buying guide

To do this, you can call our customer service telephone number: 961 698 254

To make a budget and purchase on our page, it is essential to have an email account. If you do not have an email account, you can contact our commercial department, who will help you place your order.

Can I see the radiator cover in a physical store?

The Emoble Store is a manufacturer with sales mainly through the Internet. The exhibition we have is in the factory, located in the province of Valencia (Spain). In the factory we have a showroom, with the aim of offering a different way of purchasing to those professional customers or customers from the area, non-Internet users and interested in our products. If you live in the Valencian Community or want to visit us, you can come to see our products physically. To do this you will have to request an arranged visit, by calling the customer service telephone number 961 698 254 and arrange a visit.

In any case, our main store is on the Internet. On our page you will find our entire product catalog, with extensive information on technical characteristics and to request a quote. Also, if you want you can request our finishing chart and we send it home. Our logistics service will take care of delivering your purchase to your home and carrying out the installation if you have contracted it anywhere in Spain. Our best showcase

Do I have to measure and install the radiator cover myself?

At Emoble we offer the installation service. This service is optional, when placing the order, you decide if you want to contract the installation service or you want to install it yourself. The cost of the installation service is €45 per radiator cover.
We remind you that the installation of our radiator covers is very simple, as easy as hanging a painting. All radiator covers carry the necessary hardware for installation, instructions and a template to install it inside the packaging box.. You simply need a drill and a 6-millimeter wall drill bit and in less than 15 minutes your radiator cover installed. You don’t have to be a handyman.
But if you want a complete service, we will install it for you.

Taking the measurements of the radiator, for a radiator cover cabinet is very simple. You only have to take 4 measurements and very easy to measure them, width, height and depth of the radiator. Can you print the PDF of the steps on how to measure a radiator, the sheet is prepared so that you write down the measurements comfortably. For your peace of mind, there is a margin of error of plus or minus 1cm when taking the measurements, so you can rest assured.

Can the radiator cover be colored according to a sample?

Emoble has created a very wide range of finishes, based on current consumer trends and tastes. In addition, the radiator cover cabinet is a completely independent piece from the rest of the furniture, so it does not have to have the same finish as another piece around it.

Decoratively we understand that the finish of the radiator cover must be, as a whole, with the rest of the decoration, coordinated and that you personally like.

If we want to put the same finish as some furniture or the carpentry of the house, it would be a mistake, since it would never have the same finish, no matter how well it was done. So we advise putting the finish that one likes and coordinates with the general set.

In each model, you will find all the possibilities of finishes available.

What is the deadline?

All our radiator cover furniture is custom made for each client, this requires a manufacturing process, which we constantly work to make them as fast as possible. Well-made and tailored jobs require time.

Our manufacturing and delivery times to the customer are approximately 30 to 35 days from the time the customer confirms the order and the payment is approved.

Generally, orders are delivered within the indicated period. Sometimes certain factors may slightly delay delivery. Example, the transport agency makes shipments from Monday to Friday in the morning or afternoon, always staying with you before, in the event that the schedule offered by the transport agency is not of your interest, you can modify, leaving it for another day, which will slightly delay the delivery of your merchandise.

Keep in mind that if your population is far from a large urban center or city, or has few inhabitants, the choice of delivery days will not be as extensive, as will the possibility of morning or afternoon delivery. In these cases, there will also be a possible delay of 3 to 5 days.

How do I know that you have received my order request and the payment made?

The customer will be informed at all times of the steps taken during the purchase. At the time you have placed the order and the payment has been verified and the order is correct, the confirmation of your order will be sent automatically to the email that you have indicated in the order, so that you can verify that it is correct: measurements, references and finishes, as well as all billing information and shipping address.

In the event that there is an error in the order or you wish to cancel it, you must, within a maximum period of 24 hours, modify any error or cancellation. If the customer does not notify any change in the order within 24 hours, the order will be considered firm and from that moment it will go to manufacturing.

Once you have made the first payment of 60%, our administration department checks the payments 2 times a day, notifying you by mail that the payment has been received and changing the status of your order to «Paid». From there it goes into manufacturing.

Once the payment is completed, an invoice will be sent to you with the total amount of the transaction.

If you wish to make a change, cancel an order or have any questions, contact our customer service by calling the number 961 698 254 and the After-sales department will take care of all the procedures for the correct management of your purchase.

How can I see the finishes?

If it is not enough for you to be able to see our finishes on the web, we offer you the ability to see them and play them live.

To do this, you simply have to request our finishing letter and in 48 hours we will send it to the address you want.

The list of finishes is priced at €12 VAT and postage included, payment against reimbursement. But EMOBLE will pay you €6 if you place the order. You will be credited the €6 on the first order. If you want, you can request it now. Request radiator cover finish chart

How does the sending and receiving of orders work?

All our furniture deserves the same treatment from the beginning to the end, that is why we have taken care of the highest quality packaging and we work with the most qualified transport companies, getting them to travel to their destination in perfect conditions and within the agreed time. That is why we can say that we have no claims.

Important: we do not leave the merchandise at street level, we take it up to the house.

We notify you before sending it to you The radiator cover arrives perfectly packaged and protected against knocks

Shipping and receiving operations

When your order is made, we will send you an email, indicating that the order will be delivered within 24/48 hours.

At 48 hours and on the same day of delivery, you will receive an SMS from the agency, indicating that they have your order in delivery to make the delivery throughout that day. Not being able to specify delivery time.

In any case, if you want to choose a fixed delivery time, with a margin of 2 hours, you will have a surcharge of €6 and you will have to specify it when placing your order.

To avoid this cost, accept delivery throughout that day, thus achieving a more agile service and at no cost.

If you have contracted the service for a fixed schedule and when the carriers come, you are not at home, you could be charged an additional amount of approximately €6 for second transportation. If you want to cancel this schedule and change it, you will have to do it at least 24 hours in advance, so as not to pay the additional €6

You can also request to pick up your order directly at our warehouses or at any of the transport agency delegations closest to your home, through which your order is sent, to do so, contact us in order to carry out the procedures opportune.

In the event that you have contracted the installation, it will be carried out after the delivery of the order. In the event that the order has cash on delivery, the assembly will not be paid and will be paid to the installer. Only the furniture will be paid.

In case of any anomaly, make a claim within 24 hours of receiving the order. To do this, fill out our after-sales form or call the number 961 698 254.

For any other questions that are not on this page, do not hesitate to send us your query by filling out the form on our contact page. If you prefer, you can also call us at the number 961 698 254, where we will be happy to assist you.