Shipping & Returns


All our radiator cover furniture is made to measure for each client, this requires a manufacturing process, in which we constantly work to make it as fast as possible. Well-made and tailored jobs require time.

Our manufacturing and delivery times to the client are between 35 and 40 days approximately from the moment the client confirms the order and makes the payment. We will always try to keep the times as short as possible and we usually achieve it.

Orders generally leave the factory within 30 days of order confirmation. Sometimes certain factors may slightly delay delivery. For example, the transport agency makes shipments from Monday to Friday in the morning or afternoon, as it is not a general agency but a specialist in furniture logistics, its delivery times are longer, at least between one and two weeks from when it leaves the factory, this may be a reason why your order may take a while to arrive.

Keep in mind that, if your population is far from a large urban center or city, or has few inhabitants, the choice of delivery days will not be as extensive, as will the possibility of morning or afternoon delivery. In these cases, there will also be a possible delay of 3-5 weeks.

Shipping and Reception Operation

All our furniture deserves the same treatment from the beginning to the end, that is why we have taken care of the highest quality packaging and we work with the most qualified transport companies, getting them to travel to their destination in perfect conditions and in the shortest possible time. , understanding that our deliveries take a minimum of one week from leaving the factory, but can take up to three depending on where they need to go.

Important: You should know that the merchandise, the package with the radiator cover, we do not upload or bring into the home, the transport agency leaves it at street level. If you want it to be uploaded or delivered to your home, this service can be contracted separately.

When your order is manufactured, we will notify you so that you can decide if you want to make the remaining payment by transfer or cash on delivery. The cash on delivery will be paid in cash to the carrier and has a cost of between 10 and 20 euros depending on the amount to be paid.

The transport agency sends an email with the approximate tracking of the package, but always calls by phone to agree on the day of delivery of the package and the approximate time. We cannot guarantee the exact time of delivery due to traffic contingencies, but it is daytime.

In the event that the carriers go to the address on the agreed date and do not find the client at the address, they will return a second time after calling. If it is not found a second time, the package will be returned to the factory and the new shipment will have a surcharge of 80 euros plus VAT.

You can also request to pick up your order directly at our warehouses or at any of the transport agency delegations closest to your home, through which your order is sent, to do so, contact us in order to carry out the procedures opportune.

Emoble does not carry out installations, it is not necessary, we would charge you for a service that you can perform in the simplest way in the world, as you will see in the How to assemble a radiator cover section of this same section, we send the furniture assembled and ready to place in the wall, with a template and the plugs and spikes that are needed for its simple and quick installation.

We ask that when the carrier proceeds to deliver the merchandise, you carry out the following checks:

That the number of packages coincide with that of the delivery note. If the number of packages does not match, check carefully why it does not match.

That the packaging does not show any sign of deformation or impact. In the face of any indication, unpack the products in front of the carrier and indicate on the delivery note the signs that the packages presented, as well as any damage that the products may have. Or you don’t receive the order.

That all items carry their corresponding packaging. If you receive any product without the corresponding packaging, please note this matter on the carrier’s delivery note.

In case of any anomaly, make a claim within 24 hours of receiving the order. To do this, call the number 961 698 254.

You must bear in mind that, if you sign the delivery note as collected without verifying that the furniture is in perfect condition, Emoble will not be responsible for any subsequent claim for any reason. We will only be responsible for damage that may have occurred during transport in the event that the delivery note indicates something like the package has not been checked and always within 24 hours of receipt.

All our radiator covers are sent by a logistics agency specializing in furniture.


All our furniture is special measures manufactured expressly for the needs of the client. Changes or returns will not be accepted, except those that have a manufacturing or transport defect.

En cualquier caso, la fecha de inicio de garantía será la que figure en la factura de compra, que se enviará por correo una vez entregado el mueble. The guarantee includes the costs of postage, labor and repair or replacement of the defective furniture.

Cancellation of an order

You can modify or cancel your order within 24 hours of receiving it.

If you do not notify any change in the order within 24 hours, the order will be considered firm and from that moment it will go to production.

If you wish to make a change, cancel an order or have any questions, contact our customer service by calling 961 698 254 or writing to The After-sales department will take care of all the procedures for a correct management of your purchase.