Radiator Covers


Radiator Covers


In this collection we present the most traditional classicism, maintaining many elements of the classic of yesteryear and adapting them to the present. Looking for a radiator cover as a classic unique piece, full of charm and personality, that gives a special touch to your home. A collection of classic radiator covers that you can combine with any style and for any room. With elements of great utility for the home.


The Dual radiator cover is the most classic model of the furniture in our collection of radiator covers. A piece of furniture with a timeless design granted to last, with a more classic style veneered in wood or with a more casual touch in white lacquer.


The Atempus model radiator cover is charming and elegant. Its renewed classic design makes it adaptable to classic environments or fusion of styles, either in a lacquered or wood-veneered finish.


The Gaveta model radiator cover is a practical piece of furniture with drawers that makes the choice of this radiator cover doubly functional: aesthetically it hides the radiator and functionally it offers storage space.


The Picassent model radiator cover recovers the taste for the delicate and classic wooden grilles, in a renewed design that brings warmth and elegance to classic decorations or a retro touch to modern ones or fusion of styles.


The Fontcalent model radiator cover combines classic elements such as the grille and the wooden blade, with the refined lines of the body of the furniture. A radiator cover called to become a classic that does not go out of style.


We manufacture the Lamine model radiator cover in solid pine, plank by plank worked individually by our master cabinetmakers. A simple and elegant design that can be chosen with horizontal or vertical slats.


The Geometric model radiator cover stands out for the balance of its simple and elegant structure, with the features of a timeless classic piece of furniture, which fits easily into classic or modern decorations.


The Lliria model radiator cover enchants those looking for a piece of furniture with serene lines and balanced proportions, between the solidity of the external structure and the lightness of the front slats.

Dual con librería

Why only a radiator cover? With this shelf – bookcase on the Dual radiator cover, you will gain in aesthetics and useful space for things in the living room. A magnificent two-in-one that will turn a bland space into something wonderful.

Dual librería cerrada

The doors of this bookcase will amplify the space of the room in which you decide to place this piece of furniture. The Dual Radiator Cover with Closed Bookcase is a great way to take advantage of the available space.

Dual con vitrina

A more classic touch to the room is what you will get with our showcase over the Dual radiator cover; although when lacquered in white, what is completely classic in wood, is on horseback with the avant-garde.